The Afterlife Experiments HBO Special with Suzane Northrop

The Afterlife Experiments HBO Special with Suzane Northrop

“An esteemed scientist’s personal journey from skepticism to wonder and awe provides astonishing answers to a timeless question: Is there life after death? A…



Tyler Hunt says:

Wow.. I can’t believe……. People still fall for this bullshit.

withthebirdillshare says:

This ‘experiment’ was highly unscientific, and the tape itself had an
insane amount of cuts in it, implying there was a lot of information that
was left out. Can we please have the whole experiment, rather than just the
edited tape? Also, how do we know that any of what’s being said is actually
the truth? For all we know, she gave all of these details to the
researchers, who then told the ‘psychic’. I am still highly unconvinced,
and believe this was just normal cold reading.

bavwill says:

It tells me that someone knows how to do some P.I. work.

David Unruh says:

I am a retard?!? They never answer ‘YES or NO’ and they never EVER say “Hey
I am talking with your Gramps and he says he loved taking you to your
favorite fishing hole to go fishing!” They ALWAYS say “Who here has someone
in there life that starts with an R!” You FUCKING RETARD!!! These people
are fucking retarded and you are a HUGE DUMB-ASS for believing any of it!!!

eluminated says:

Haha, don’t get mad at me just because you’re being fooled by con-artists.
Get mad at THEM! How much of your money have you handed over to them? I’ve
never taken a penny from you.

rachid sahmaoui says:

it’s after the session you f* retarded

rachid sahmaoui says:

As a result of the comparison between mediumship and cold reading in the
table above, it is clear that mediumship is very different from cold
reading. We know for a fact that there are entertainers, mentalists and
others who may use cold reading techniques for various purposes. However,
as per the table above, this technique should not be confused with
authentic mediumship.

rachid sahmaoui says:

sorry but in 2013 there is far better medium

rachid sahmaoui says:

go fuck yourself u fucking retarded. U piece of shit

Vanguard says:

Ta-da! Here’s one which I rather liked, gives considerable detail on the
methodology, which is one of the tightest I’ve seen: watch?v=t_Q-fmZ4QAU Oh
wow, I can’t believe no one saw and responded to your comment in over 5

eluminated says:

Right at 2:12 the woman invalidates the study because she gives details
beyond a yes or no… This is bullshit. What kind of supposed “doctor” sits
there and doesn’t even realize when his experiment has been compromised
right in front of his face??

Dicegirl72 says:

Suzane is the most talented medium I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to some of her
seminars and small group meetings. She has such a gift and is an

KenDyerJr says:

I find it baffling that some people don’t believe in the spirit world. I
certainly CANNOT relate.

G Boneta says:

Suzane is fabulous with what she does and is truly a gift! My family and I
have had the blessing to have her help our family 3 different times over
several years and each time hit the nail right on the head and gave us
peace and know my brothers are together and with us everyday! Thank you
Suzane for doing what you do and doing and helping us connect with the

eluminated says:

“Your father wore hats”.. Oh wow, you’re good!

David Unruh says:

Uhhhh what happened to the Yes and No answers ONLY!!! This is a JOKE!!!!

phyared says:

This is very impressive. But can we know the full experimental apparatus?
How many times were the psychics tested? How do we know that other sittings
with Ms.Northrop were as successful? Dr.Schwartz says that this experiment
“can be replicated”. Replications please!

eluminated says:

Why in the beginning it is explained that as part of the “tight controls”
for this supposed scientific experiment, the victim, err I mean sitter, was
ONLY to give yes or no answers so as not to give any cues to the supposed
psychic?- yet consistently the victim in this video gives full detailed
answers far beyond what the con-artist asked for.. Right there, the
experiment is flawed beyond anything that is acceptable as science. They
aren’t real psychics and Schwartz ain’t no fuckin scientist.

eluminated says:

Why does the woman consistently continue to talk when the “tight controls”
and the rules of the experiment clearly stated she was to give ONLY yes or
no answers?? Even with the controlled video editing of the “experiment” you
couldn’t hide the glaring fact that this was simply more bullshit cold
reading disguised as science.. Fuck you, fuck all your con-artist friends,
and that includes Schwartz.

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