I went to Hell and saw the flames and people being tormented. I did artwork and am trying to warn and show people what Hell looks like. Jesus gave me a proph…



imisslola321 says:

Good question, to know Jesus existance is not a Faith because even demon knows Jesus existence. Faith mean to believe in Jesus’s mercy and to know His love toward you and others and to know He can forgive you if you repent. Faith won’t come in one day so you need to start to get to know Him before it’s too late. Good luck.

618147 says:

forgive me Jesus 🙁

HardTimesFitzcarrald says:

tell me what do u mean by faith ?

Irma Gonzalez says:

God bless you Chris. I actually have been feeling pangs of fear while waking up and going to sleep. I cant enjoy life. Because i have felt like God IS giving me this last rude awakening. I feel so engulfed of fear. I cant enjoy happy things because i know my smile is worthless if im not saved. Im glad o found your testimony because i have felt like god wont listen to me and u said he will :))

Irma Gonzalez says:

Dear Chris Cormier….as I listened to your testimony I began to cry when you saw your hands, dirty with blood. I know the Lord used your testimony to shove me more into reality. I have been dormant for about 10Yrs of leaving the ways of the Lord. I had served him for 5Yrs having come out of a hardcore active catholic life-style) your testimony is sooo strong. I must admit i was drinking a beer and then your first admonishment was that any drinker …. WILL NOT go with him at his return.

eugenechelseafc89 says:

But seriously, Even good people can go to hell, you ask why. The truth is you have to accept The Lord Jesus as your savior, That’s salvation. You recieve it by FAITH, not by good works. The moment you do that, you become the righteouness of God. You dont aquire salvation by doing good, that wont save you, You accept God’s free Gift of salvation by faith, that’s the only thing that can save you from hell. Thats the reason why Jesus came to die for us. To give us such a free undeserving gift.

eugenechelseafc89 says:

LOL you’re a legend with your comments hahahahahaha

masidoolah92 says:


EntertaningAmerica says:

Create a portal, then shove a big ass Thermonuclear missile through it.. Just watch the South Park Episodes “Imagination-land”

GamerzWrath says:

And even if you brought the nuke to hell, it would burn into flames in the lava and fire of never ending torment.

GamerzWrath says:

Nuke hell? Your messing with fire, why are you making fun of a place of torment with nothing but sin. So lets say you can ” nuke ” hell, how are you going to do it. I mean, you don’t even have the cloths on your back in hell, what makes you think you can bring a nuke to hell.

EntertaningAmerica says:

Only one thing to do… NUKE HELL

ThatChristianGuyAU says:

Thanks for sharing this very important message that Jesus is returning

tonybeak11 says:

Thanks for sharing. Nice artwork!

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